St. Augustine Beach, FL

Eric: We were scouting out the Saint Augustine Beach as a possible spot to make kettle corn. There's a farmers market held here once a week and we wanted to see what kind of response we would get once they realized we were yankees. The farmers market had some nice upscale stuff.

The beach itself is typical of an east coast Florida beach. Vast expanse of sand, almost no rocks, seaweed or crap - stuff you would find on a beach up north. I could never shake the weird feeling that I could possibly get run over while sitting in my swim trunks. I guess you can take your car onto most Florida beaches, so you have got to watch for tire tracks before you toss down your blanket.

Down the East Coast AGAIN - St. Augustine Beach @ 5:43





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I lost my wallet around here somewhere

Pay to get in, or jump the gate

No nude sunbathing

The guy on the left was muttering something.


GPS: N 29ª 51.435' - W 81ª 15.924'