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Eric: Ever notice that there is a big patch of water, right in the middle of Florida? Well we had to take a look. What the hell is that lake doing there? Good ol’ Lake Okeechobee. I’ve personally stood on the shores of Lake Ontario. There’s waves…and kinda sandy shorelines, huge oil tankers have sunk to the bottom of Lake Ontario.

Lake Okeechobee is nothing like that. It’s just kind of flat…and shallow. It’s almost like it wants to be swampland, and it almost is. I guess the big draws are the bass that are stuck in there. If you love tormenting fish, then this place is for you.

I suppose if Lake Okeechobee were up north, it would get a chance to freeze over. Then maybe a hockey game could be held there so finally something interesting could happen at Lake Okeechobee. OK, so maybe during the next ice age, something interesting will happen there.

A reminder: I bet some nitwit will get all pissed off because I’ve spoken despairingly about “their” stupid lake. Just watch.

On The Road With The Dacrons - Lake Okeechobee, FL

Velma: Lake Okeechobee, covering 730 square miles, is the second largest freshwater lake completely within the US (the largest being Lake Michigan). It is surrounded by a dike, built in 1928 by the Army Corps of Engineers (though there was an older dike in place, it was destroyed by a hurricane). It is the headwaters for the Everglades and provides irrigation and drinking water for surrounding towns and farmlands.


I found Lake Okeechobee (also referred to as "The Big O", worth visiting, BUT I would NEVER, repeat NEVER, step foot in an airboat again. They're noisy, disruptive foul machines that flatten everything in their path in their haste to skim across the water. It would've been so much nicer to paddle around in a canoe or kayak, peacefully, without ear protectors. I would guess there are no airboat tours on the lake during a bass tournament.

Lake Okeechobee
Yup, is it flat.
Lake Okeechobee
It just keeps goin'
Lake Okeechobee
Flatter than bent trumpet
Lake Okeechobee
Some foliage
Town of Clewiston sign

Clewiston, Florida

Why'd you even come here?

Clewiston KOA campground

Clewiston-Okeechobee KOA campground

You got yer fish, you got yer A frame office. You're all set.

Tropical Island Restaruant

Tropical Island Restaurant, Boynton Beach

Wildy yummy Haitian food like you've never tasted before. (Because you probably haven't tasted real Haitian food before!)

Wikipedia: Lake Okeechobee
GPS: N 26º 56.867' - W 80º 47.690'