Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, FL

Eric: God I never wanted to ever go here. When the vote came around to picking a spot to eat while on vacation at the Universal Studios Theme Parks, Velma's goofy brother INSISTED that we go here. There's no way the food can be any good. First, you're inside a major theme park, they've already got you in a trance to open your wallet. Second, the Hard Rock cafe is a giant brand. Somebody has to pay for all that promotional material. Third, this food caters to middle America. French fries are a staple food group for these people. Let's just say ketchup and fryerlator oil is considered a delicacy sauce for most of them. Fourth, who the hell cares about most rock bands that are main stream? OK, I take that back - hard rock was never that MAIN stream, if I were to find any boy band memorabilia, I might have to lose my dinner. And Fifth, I don't think Anythony Bourdain would go here.


We apprehensively went inside with an open mind. We were right. It's as bad as we thought.

Dacrons do Universal Studios - Hard Rock Cafe @ 2:24



Velma: Exactly. The only good thing was the t-shirt I bought. End of story. Rock on.



Hard rock sign orlando
Just take your lumps and go in
Orlando hard rock inside
Could be...Applebys?
Hard Rock Orlando car
The trophy car
Hard Rock Orlando crap
Has deep meaning to somebody

Website: Hard Rock Cafe Orlando
Address: 6050 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL
Phone: 407-351-ROCK
GPS: N 28º 28.426' - W 81º 28.049'

28.473775, -81.467491