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Eric: So what compelled us to visit Clewiston? We noticed there was a whole bunch of real estate in central Florida between Orlando and Miami that we hadn't seen. We put a finger on a map right between those two places and it landed on Clewiston, right next to Lake Okeechobee. This is the same reason why we ended up in Rockledge, Florida. We were also under the delusion that since you never hear about Clewiston, maybe there’s some really cheap real estate out there, it IS in Florida…right?

We’ve posted the video on Youtube a while back and we’ve been getting all sorts of response from people who live in Clewiston. As we mentioned in our Rockledge page, the only people finding these small towns are the people who live IN them. Since nothing happens there, our stupid video gets a high ranking on Google. (Guess who only comments on the Youtube videos?) Who would bother to go to a place like Rockledge or Clewiston? You’re reading who – that’s who.

I was inspired by the book Tuva or Bust! Richard Feynman's Last Journey , the famous physicist. Richard Fineman didn’t want to travel to the usual boring places, (i.e. Disneyworld) so he pulled out a map and found Tuva, a remote spot in Mongolia. Since my RV vehicle can’t go to Mongolia, I had to settle for places like those in Florida. If I travel to Mongolia in my lifetime, I’m sure Clewiston will be coming to mind. I still have to say that I recommend Richard Finemans method of travel and discovery – we would never have found such a nice place as Cedar Key.

On The Road With The Dacrons - Clewiston, FL

Velma: "America's Sweetest Town": that's the town of Clewiston's official nickname--owing to the presence of the U.S. Sugar Corporation, undoubtedly the area's largest employer. It's smokestacks rise above the flat cane fields that extend for 187,000 acres. If you happen to drive through the area and see black smoke rising into the air, don't call 911--it's only the cane being routinely burnt off.

I asked one of the locals about the smoke and smell and was told that, yes, there are days when you want to keep your windows closed and take in the laundry--but she didn't seem unduly bothered by it. You can get used to just about anything.

Apart from sugar cane and the proximity to Lake Okeechobee (which brings in bass-fishing enthusiasts), there's not much of interest in Clewiston. On the town's official website, it says "hrough more than a half-century of growth, Clewiston has kept its charm and beauty."

We must have missed that part.

Clewiston town sign
Clewiston sign
burning sugar cane field in Clewiston
Burning sugarcane fields
Clewiston street
Typical Clewiston street
Clewiston sugar cane factory
Big sugar processing plant
Website: City Of Clewiston
GPS: N 26º 45.250' - W 80º 56.415'