- Eric's illfated indie movie that he blew 30 grand and 3 years of his life on. Dogtown - far away place
Biks Flicks - old comedy shorts that Eric hung out to dry a long time ago. The Defectives - Old novelty act
Commodore Dutch and his Shangheid Sidemen - Eric learns the stand up bass. Mei-Li the Shih-Tzu - Can you take the cuteness?
Old phone answering messages - from long ago. Biks' Raccoons - that used to come by often.
Beat the Botttle Game - and we don't mean soberity The ACL movie camera - Used in
Bikybold font story - Eric's font makes it around the world. Don't Nobody Move (This is a Heist) - Tony Powers long lost video
Psychic Dog - See how our dog won the lottery. Plagiarism by Dane Boedigheimer - Young punk filmmaker steal Scrambled Eggs
Bigfoot costume in a freezer? - Sure looks fake to me. link_building.php
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