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Indie Film & Independent Film Production”, an offbeat comedy indie film, is a surreal look at the world of dating and computers. You can learn all about Independent film production on this site.

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What's the story?

indie filmWhen John’s relationship with his current girlfriend—the domineering Irene—ends, his friends step in to help him recover and move on. Complicating his personal life are a hacker who’s disrupting the company’s server in a way that makes John look culpable, co-workers with video fetishes--and the fact that Irene is just two cubicles away from him eight hours every day.

Overwhelmed, John retreats to the safe anonymity of Internet chat rooms where his fellow lonely hearts lend a sympathetic ear.

When his buddies—as well as a thong-wearing feline, an anatomically correct piece of latex and member of a motorcycle gang called “Satan’s Spawn”--become more hazardous than helpful, John sets out to find the perfect mate.

With his furry pooch and an enigmatic online friend for support, John’s search takes him through misleading, badly-worded personals ads to lubed-up urban rednecks, a computer date with money to burn, a disgruntled, balloon-delivering clown and more than one fishnet-clad leg.

What's the big deal?

independent film productionThis independent film production (indie film) was shot in and around Boston, Massachusetts, over the period of a year and half, with 38 shootings day, most of them weekends. This independent film production or indie film was done completely on a volunteer basis and on an extremely low budget. None of the cast or crew were paid, all locations were donated. There were no unions, no grip trucks, no caterers, no permits issued or insurance taken out. The final budget for this indie film was $32,000, which covered mainly the camera purchase, film costs and food for cast and crew for this independent film production or again..indie film. - "Being an indie film my expectations for it were pretty low, however it’s safe to say that they were greatly exceeded. From what I saw, Eric definitely has some talent; talent that needs to be encouraged." - "This indie film was very comical, very effective for its low budget, something that many people can relate to, and a great way to keep your hand from stroking your cock for at least an hour and a half!" - "This movie is the second indie film since the Blair Witch that again proves a great story line and NOT a massive budget is the key to success." - "What's really refreshing about this indie film, though, is it's subtle sensitivity to absurd people and quirks... nuff said! Download it and watch it!" - "there are uncountable gem scenes within the whole indie film that are among the most funny ive ever had presented to me." "This is a very funny indie film and it relates very very well. The last time I laughed this much was when I forgot to take my medication."

Guy Flick-Girl A Girl's View: "Just goes to show a huge Hollywood budget is not a prerequisite for an entertaining film." A Guy's View: "I don't think there was a solid minute in the whole film when I didn't laugh."

Tuesday Night Movie Club - "This is a very funny indie film. The great majority of comedies that emerged in 2001 weren't anywhere near as amusing as this one."

The Wire Factory - "The indie film itself is a very funny and true to life story that could be compared to anyone's search for love"

independent film production

Part 1 (32 min)

Part 2 (31 min)

Part 3 (21 min)

Youtube comments: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

independent film production
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Contains: Movie synopsis, production information, flippant director bio, cast/crew/music info, links to high resolution production stills and The Boston Globe Magazine article.

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