Pet Psychic Dog Wins The Lottery

psychic readingsCherry Valley, Ma.- Mei-Li, a seven year old Shih-Tzu owned by Eric & Velma Dacron of Cherry Valley, has the uncanny ability to choose winning lottery numbers.

In a recent Megabucks drawing, the talented canine picked six out of six winning numbers, earning the couple $400,000.

"She has always been a very smart dog," says Velma. "She knows the names of all her toys and understands a lot of commands. Also, she knows when Eric is coming home-even when he's calling!"

Ms. Dacron relates how the dog runs to the telephone and sits beside it moments before it rings," and each time she does that, it's Eric calling!"

"We saw other things," adds Eric, "like the time our cat got stuck in a tree and Mei-Li came running upstairs and barked in front of me. I didn't pay much attention at first, but she did this a couple more times, so I followed her. She ran over to the back door and I looked out and saw the cat up a tree!"

The couple started paying closer attention to the dog's behavior, but they really took notice when, while watching a lottery drawing on television, the dog ran to the screen and starting barking excitedly.

"She always watches television with us, but this time it was different," says Velma. "She sat in front of the screen and when a couple of the balls flew out, she stood up, put her paws on the screen and barked."

This happened on a few more occasions before Eric got an idea. He printed out forty-two pairs of numbers, cut them into squares, and spread the squares out on the dining room floor.

"I put a doggy treat on each square, then called Mei-Li in and told her to pick out the numbers."

It took a couple of tries, but the dog quickly got the idea and was soon choosing six out of the forty-two numbers. Eventually she chose the numbers without the treats.

"We waited," Ms. Dacron says, "to make sure she wasn't being influenced by the doggy treats."

The couple started writing down the numbers chosen by the dog, playing those numbers in the weekly drawing. At first their winnings were small and could have been coincidence, but when they won $400,000 on all six numbers in the recent drawing, they knew it was no fluke. They were the proud owners of a psychic pooch.

When asked how they would spend the money, Eric replied, "I can get that Class A RV I've been looking at!" "And I can get hair extensions-I've wanted some for so long. And we're going to take Mei-Li to the pet store and let her pick out a new bed and some squeaky toys," Velma says.

"We always knew she was special," adds Dacron. "We just didn't know how much."

Pet Psychic Dog

Pet Psychic Dog sniffs aroundPet Psychic Dog Meil-Li

It's my Pet Psychic DogPet Psychic Dog gets a reading

Pet Psychic Dog chooses a numberVelma & Eric & Mei-Li

Is my dog a psychic medium or maybe a clairvoyant? It is pretty amazing, isn’t it? She could possibly have powers to telepathy too! I’d probably hop around my house with my pants down, shouting out in joy if this were so. Not likely, but you never know, right? I would be going pretty nuts if this were the case, so hopefully I won’t be doing this.

I mean having psychic abilities means you could read other peoples horoscopes for them, but since my dog can’t read, how would she do this? Maybe two barks could mean you’re a Pieces. Or better yet, she could scratch at a door which faces either north or south, and how MANY scratches she performs could mean something. If you’re into astrology, maybe a certain woof can refer to the planet Venus. How would astrology work for dogs? Obviously they have a different internal calendar then humans do. How many dog years would it take to have your predictions pan out?

We once met this cat with psychic powers that was doing readings for $30 a pop. The owner was pretty skeezy and it looked like it was taking advantage of this cat. The other problem was, it certainly didn’t look like a very spiritual feline and we didn’t think you should spend that much money on psychic readings. This definitely wasn’t a spiritual pet at all. I would probably pay to see a pet turtle levitate itself, but only if it could really do that.

I certainly would like to ask my dog how to become a psychic. This way I could do my OWN readings and save all that money of dog biscuts. Last week she started to take an interest in numerology. There were a series of barks that must’ve meant something in her psychic development. I guess we would have to ask Derek Acorah, Colin Fry or some other spiritualist if we were correct.

Our pet psychic dog doesn’t do cold readings for anybody. You’ll have to develop psychic abilities on your own then.

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